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Our theme-based video concerts deliver cheer through songs, jokes, and stories oriented towards seniors. We encourage audience participation, and include subtitles so that nobody forgets the words.
We’ve been known to cause smiling, clapping, singing, and laughing, so order a concert today!

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Uplifting Online Video Concerts

Our full-length online concerts are available for purchase, and can be easily accessed through video links.
See and hear what we’re all about! Enjoy these FREE medley videos, which provide samples of our many theme-based concerts.


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Yes, you are encouraged to show it often! People enjoy listening and singing along to their favourite songs again and again.
Yes, there are financial savings if you order three or six concerts at the same time.
Each of the concerts has subtitles with all the words to each of the songs.
Yes. It is best to contact Joy directly via email at to arrange for future delivery.
Absolutely! Joy is always looking for new ideas for concerts. If she doesn’t know a song, she will try and learn it.
Go to YouTube. Type in “Joy Forbes” and subscribe to Joy’s YouTube channel absolutely free. You will have access to all the medleys which give you a sample of some of the songs performed in each of the concerts. You will be notified when a new concert comes on-line.


If you have any questions about our Concert Series or Online Guitar Lessons, leave us a message on our contact page. We'd love to hear from you!