Acoustic Guitar for Boomers

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Give yourself the gift of music with online guitar lessons

Playing guitar is a joyful way to uplift yourself and connect with others, but many people hesitate to learn something new. My online guitar lessons are easy to use, allowing you to learn at your own pace, at your own home. It’s never too late to start!

I offer a range of packages that include pre-recorded and private virtual lessons for beginners or intermediates. Easy to use video links and useful handouts mean that we’ll be making beautiful music together in a very short time!

Enroll for Guitar Lessons today, and play songs after the first lesson!

Get Grooving with These Free Lessons Today

Try out four free guitar lessons by clicking on the following videos.

Parts of the Guitar and Letters of the Strings

Learn parts of the guitar and the letter names of each of the six strings is introduced using acronyms.

Tuning Your Guitar to Itself

You’ll learn how to tune your guitar to itself without using an electronic tuner.

Tuning Your Guitar with a Tuner

Learn to tune the six strings of your guitar using a battery-operated electronic tuner.

How to Read a Chord Chart

Learn how to read a chord chart and know where to place your fingers to play chords on the guitar.


Please make sure you have the following for every class.

An acoustic guitar (not electric)


Guitar Tuner or GuitarTuna app (free)


Guitar Pick (Optional)

Fingernails cut short on your left hand

Printed Lesson Sheets

3 Hole Binder and Pencil with Eraser

Get Started Today!

Give Yourself the Gift of Music with Online Guitar Lessons Today!

Online Guitar Lessons FAQ

The Beginner Package 1 assumes you have never played the guitar. The Beginner Package 2 assumes you have a knowledge of the D, G, A7 chords and a couple of strumming patterns. It would be advantageous to have completed a Beginner Package 2 before you sign up for the Intermediate Package of lessons.

You will need an acoustic guitar (not electric). It doesn’t matter if it has steel strings or nylon strings.

Not at all, although knowledge of music is always useful. I provide all the chords for every song. That’s all you need.

Yes. When you have access to a group of lessons, I encourage you to watch these lessons multiple times. You can learn at your own pace.

Yes. Each lesson is based on knowledge from a proceeding lesson, so each lesson is completed in numerical order.

I recommend taking one week to practise the content of each of these lessons. So much of learning how to play the guitar involves muscle memory and that is only accomplished through practising regularly.

When you are beginning, I recommend you practise at least 15 minutes a day. It is better to practise a short time every day, rather than a long time once a week. Like anything else, the more your practise, the better you will become.

Keep practising in small time intervals! The more you practise, the faster calluses will develop on your left fingers and the pain will miraculously disappear!

Sure! I help you pitch your voice by telling you how to find the first note in a piece so you can sing on the key.

Yes. Right from the first lesson, I teach basic strumming so you are playing on the beat. As you become more comfortable with the guitar, I add in different types of strumming.

You will be able to play a piece after the very first lesson! These lessons are meant for people who want to enjoy singing and playing for their friends and family, not for people who want to seriously study guitar for professional purposes.

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